Contest program

An expert-analytical group is being formed during the exhibition, which will analyze exhibits and prepare proposals for the laureates of ISSE honorary awards in a number of nominations.

The contest program of the exhibition consists of two independent events:

• Contest "Innovative technologies in the field of life safety"

Advanced Research Fund – contest partner.
Participants of the contest present their developments within the framework of the exposition. The contest commission reviews reports and presentations at the central stand of the EMERCOM of Russia.
Planned contest topics:
• Development of autonomous multi-functional biomorphic robotic platform
• Development of equipment for rescuers and firefighters with appropriate functional properties
• Development of fire extinguishing and rescue technologies using drones
• Development and production of mobile, 24 hour multichannel and all-weather optical-thermal system of increased range for the detection of objects in emergency situations, including forests, Arctic zone and sea
• Development of multifunctional pumping complexes
• Development of innovative fire extinguishing equipment:
- ozone-safe gas fire extinguishing composition for civilian objects protection and military industrial complex;
- fire extinguishing powder composition of increased efficiency due to the use of binary gas generation technology
- self-foaming gas and aerosol-filled foam for extinguishing fires of petroleum and oil products

• Contest "Integrated Security"
ISSE participants submit applications for participation in thematic sections of the exhibition to the Organizer. The laureates of the contest are determined by the contest committee formed by ISSE Organizers.