Participation in congress program with report

ISSE participants interested in participating in events of the congress program should submit an application to the Directorate of ISSE indicating event titles, participation forms (with report / without report), topics of reports and materials in video theses.

Reports are subject to prior approval by the Event Organizer. Materials of the report must meet the following requirements: the volume of theses should be two typewritten pages (3,600 characters, including spaces). All materials are provided only in electronic form in MS Word format (Windows encoding, Times New Roman font, font size - 12, spacing - single). Illustrations are not allowed.

You must provide the following information in the given sequence:
• event of the Congress program where the Participant is expected to make a report;
• speech topic;
• surname, name of the speaker (s) in full;
• full name of the organization and position;
• mailing address of the organization;
• telephone and fax number;
• E-mail address;
• text with theses of the report.

If the authors represent different organizations, the document is prepared separately for each organization. Properly prepared theses should be submitted to the Directorate on flash drive or by e-mail: